051918 wylie

051918 wylie

Postby Rusty » Mon May 21, 2018 10:46 am

got invited to go back and fish with a buddy. so left after work and headed that way. what shouldve been a 5 1/2-6hrs drive turned into almost 10hrs due to weather, highway closures and accidents. UGH!!! got there @0130 and laid down til 5 am. ran up the lake and checked in for the tournament. we made the decision to stay deep and we did and it sucked!!!! the fish are there but with no current they were all suspended about 5' off the bottom. we kept working our way around, throwing cb, spoon, hair jig, and swimbaits and hoping they would turn on the water and the fish would get right but they didnt. weighed our 5 fish for 10.8lbs(pitiful) and finished 20th (out of i think 70 or so) for the last place check. tournament was won(17+lbs) by some guys that traditionally fish a jig shallow. bream bed and shad spawn patterns were big players for other top finishers.

went back down the lake, beached the boat and took a nap. went over about 7pm and paid our entry fee for the night tournament(730-2am). went right back to the deep(river channel ledge) and imagine that the current was on and the fish were right. we laid the smack down on em and had about 15lbs before the sun went down. caught em on everything cb(6&8xd), swimbait, spoon, spinnerbait. after dark we struggled til late and then made a couple of culls swimming a jig. ended the night with 17.46lbs but 16.46 after a dead fish penalty. note to self: make sure the recirc pumps are on in BOTH livewells!!!!!! ugh! still managed the win but i thought for sure my screw up was gonna cost us. so, after removing a treble from a guys hand and fizzing someone else's 4+ that floundering out in the lake i managed to get in bed at 3, then up at 6 and back in harrison before noon
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