lake hickory 041517

lake hickory 041517

Postby Rusty » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:53 am

fished the cbc with steve and had a difficult day. the shad spawn was no where to be found. so we went to looking for spawning fish, first good(4-5lb class) one we found was under a dock behind a crossmember and walkway. well steve had her on, got her to bite on our side of the crossmember but his line got caught in the walkway and she got off. we ran around the rest of the day catching spawners here and there but no bigs for us. lots of fish on beds if you get up there you can have some fun just dont go to that little lake with 180 other teams, not so much fun. :( 21 was leading when we weighed our 5 little knot heads
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