Wylie 5/20/17

Wylie 5/20/17

Postby Richard » Mon May 22, 2017 5:09 pm

Beat the bank in Jon boat and it was tough . Caught one 19 inch bass and that was it , main lake lit up dock. My friend was pissed cause we struggled all night and I out fished him last weekend. We saw this lit up dock where a heron just pulled a bass out and so I was like there are bass here , couldn't get bit on one side so circled around to hit the other side and there was a bass busting on bait fish. My friend tossed his trick worm in there couple times and nothing , I tossed a black and blue senko in there and the fight was on , it was fun and it measured right at 19 inches .
I tried a jig, cb shallow and 8 feet, whopper plopper and nada !
Nice night despite one keeper !
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