Wylie 6/30/17

Wylie 6/30/17

Postby Richard » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:28 pm

Fished in Jon boat down the banks , docks, close to bank and off bank a little. Got my thumbs chewed up finally. Caught three before the sun went down swimming Jaks minnow, freakin awesome bait. Then caught a bunch on shimmy jig , another awesome bait. One on a swim jig, some on a worm and cb. Had to pull into a slip cause we got a beat down of rain but a lot of fun. Picked a couple off with the shimmy at t bones after putting boat on trailer. My friend struggled but did catch a worm fish and had one on Jaks minnow but lost it. Last two trips tried whopper plopper but they aren't having it!
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