Wylie 9/16/2017

Wylie 9/16/2017

Postby Richard » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:53 pm

Late report , but me and a friend fished at night in the Jon pounding the bank as usual and struggled. My friend caught two dinks back to back on a rocky bank with a yum dinger, and I caught one keeper dragging a t-rig ole monster up a drop off and that was it. I had one on and lost it while using a pro shimmy , two other fish smacked it but didn't get em.
I can't get them to hit my top waters , BB and W Plopper. Oh well I tried. You guys know I am used to fishing ponds and off the bank so I am learning LOL.
There was a tournament going on and one guy pulled right up where we were fishing and acted like we weren't there and I mean so close I could have casted in his boat. Another guy drove really close to us it was kinda scary. I don't own the lake but man really. My friend wanted to say something but at 54 I am not trying to fight anymore and I figure I am the better man for not acting out. 54 with with aching body, bad back,bad knees,can't see or hear,yeah left it alone !
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