10/06&07/17 wateree

10/06&07/17 wateree

Postby Rusty » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:16 pm

came down to fish the tri-state and was an interesting go of things.

friday- started throwing a topwater around some rock but no love, switched to grass....no love. flipped a couple of docks.... no love. cranked a shell bed...no love. flipped a couple more docks and one little fish. looked around at some off shore stuff and David caught a "BIG." went to looking at more off shore stuff but nothing going. went back to some grass and caught a couple on topwater. went to flipping and got several bites, including a 4lb catfish that swam off with my worm. stopped on some isolated rocks and caught another good fish on a worm. called it a day, it was hot and clear.

saturday morning it was misting rain and cloudy with some wind, so we started near where we had gotten the topwater bites yesterday afternoon(boat already on the patch where we got bit of course). nothing..started fishing more grass covering water. David caught our first fish/keeper on a flat point with grass and wind, so we started running that stuff. i caught a barely keeper a couple of points later and we had a couple of big misses on similar stuff. went to the off shore place David caught his big yesterday and after a bit of beating around David triggered another big on a cb. i followed that about 20mins later with another big on a worm. we ran around shallow and deep some more trying to get another big bite and at 1:30ish i finally caught our 5th fish on a MOAB buzzbait. jumped around some more and culled the barely keeper with a fish just a bit bigger with a cb and caught one other short fish. ended the day with 18+lbs for 2nd and had big fish of almost 7lbs. tough but fun and profitable couple of days of fishing :) hoping to get the pics they took at weigh in soon. Here's the "BIG" David caught on friday:
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Re: 10/06&07/17 wateree

Postby Harold » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:20 pm

Congrats on a good finish. Nice fish!
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