10/25-28/17 wateree

10/25-28/17 wateree

Postby Rusty » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:32 am

what a horrible 4 days of fishing, UGH!!! first world problems really but still sucked. had 2 days to practice(weds & thurs) and 2 days of tournament(fri & sat). well mid morning of the the first day of practice i hear a different sound to the motor, its running normal but has a different sound.........

so limp my way back down to the ramp, fishing and looking along the way. Called Johnny and made arrangements for him to come look at it on thursday. talked to Ron on thursday(mid day) and went to go pick up his boat. got his boat on the water around 3 and just got some seat time in his rocket ship :)

so got a couple bites early on weds on a buzzbait and a cb around isolated shallow wood and those were the ONLY bites i got in practice.

day1 of tournament started with about a 2hr fog delay. i ran(76mph, Ron's boat is fun and fast:) back up to the area where i had gotten those couple of bites and catch one on The Beater and another flipping a worm around the wood. covered a bunch of water and time, fishing everything i came to. ran down the lake started hitting stuff i thought i could get a bite on, few docks here, rock pile there and finally at 130 i catch a fish off a dock. kept running and gunning trying to get 2 more but no love. 3 fish for 7.24lbs. lots of zeros and guys heading home after day 1.

day2 fishing out of my boat with basically no outboard. started on some grass and just fished my way down the bank fishing everything i came to. flipped a worm around anything i could see and threw a spinnerbait on windy banks. drug a crig on a couple of points and caught one short little fish all day. pretty sure the lower lake is turning over and the bite down there sucked!!!!

guys that won reported to be fishing brush in 10-12' , took 35 to win and 13lbs for 2 days to get a check. 226 boats on wateree(12K acres) is a BUNCH of boats for that little lake. sucks to not have been able to fish the way i needed to but mechanical failures are part of this game, its just another of those variables we cant control.
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