04/14&15/18 wylie

04/14&15/18 wylie

Postby Rusty » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:28 am

so after working all day friday i drove over to wylie(6hrs) and climbed in the boat with David at 10pm. he already had 4 good fish in the boat. we went to work, i swam a jig and he threw topwater. we made a few culls and ended the night with 16+lbs and 2nd place in the tournament. slept for about an hour and got up to go fish a day tournament :)

started the day swimming a jig and he was throwing topwater around rocks. i caught 3 in the first 20mins and then he caught 4lber. ran around a bit more but didnt get another bite doing that. swithced over and start fishing a TSCL jig around shallow docks and caught a 3-4 more and culled a couple of times. then went on a dry spell. finally at noon we pulled out onto a point to drag a footballhead jig and David caught a 5.9lber. spent the next 1.5hrs trying to reproduce that with no love and finished the day on some windy banks with a spinnerbait and a RW Series V-Twin trying to get another big bite. finished the day with 15.51lbs for the win and got big fish too :)
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