spanked em again! 073013

spanked em again! 073013

Postby Rusty » Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:14 am

went back out last night to do some more looking around and DANG IT MAN THEY ARE EATING! actually had to stop short of my initially intended point to let my motor chill out(clogged pisser), ended up on another main lake point, started fan casting around with a cb, had one about 3 1/2 choke the 5xd! the only thing sticking out of its mouth was the tip of the bill, started to take pic but the fish was bleeding and i wanted to get it back in the water asap. went to another point and BAM! there they were caught several more on cb and a couple on topwater when they came up busting bait. moved along to another main river channel point, 3 out of the first 4 casts resulted in fish and had another CHOKE the cb. milled around and caught a couple on topwater and a couple more dragging plastics. ran around looking for more fish an dthen the lights went out. UGH! i still can not get bite after dark. i wish i was going to be around to figure the bite out after dark, there is a way i just havent figured it out yet.
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