Lake Murry 04/26/2017

Lake Murry 04/26/2017

Postby Harold » Mon May 01, 2017 5:34 pm

I fished with Lee Ramsey on Lake Murray last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We travel down Wednesday morning and had to drop a friends boat off and the repair shop to get the tilt and trim repaired. Then we got some groceries and finally got on the water just before lunch. Starting at midday, it was really hard getting bit. We managed to catch a few largemouth. We came back in around 4 o'clock and grilled some burgers and ate. We got back out on the water at 6:30pm. After a while looking for some fish, we found some stripers schooling off a point in a little cove off the main channel. We hammered them pretty good catching one on almost every cast until sunset then called it a day. There were some big fish in the school, but I think the smaller ones kept beating them to our baits. We caught some of these fish on top with a bang-go-lure and underneath with a swim minnow. We got up early Thursday morning and headed back to our Wednesday night spot. Yep, somebody was already setting on our spot. We found out there was a tournament Thursday and seemed like everywhere we wanted to fish a boat was there. I was thinking how can a lake this size fish so small. We stayed with it until about 2 pm and with storms in the forecast we called it a day. We did manage to scratch out 6 or so largemouth. We got up early again Friday and things were much better. The first place we stopped the largemouth were feeding on the blue back herring in shallow water around some cypress trees. We caught several nice ones there. When that slowed we went to a place where we had caught some Thursday. They were busting herring there around a seawall and we had a blast. We were catching them schooling on top burning a swim minnow across the surface. When the fish went down, we caught them on a shaky head. We fished there until around 1 o'clock calling it a day. We went back to the house cleaned and packed up and headed home. It was a fun trip with a great friend.

Good fishing!
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