murray results 3-27&28

murray results 3-27&28

Postby Jelbass » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:34 am

3-27 Friday was a good day for Barret (my son) had 5@20.6lbs for and big fish @5.??. 2nd place 5@14.?? and 3rd 14.??. 3-28 Sat. was a different story 1st. place 5@16.??, 2nd place 5@15.?? and 3rd 14.??. Report were some fish came from beds, cranks, wacky rig and I know for sure frogs around weeds, is what Barret got his on, Friday. The cool front put a kill on that. Barret did get three Sat. for 7.67lbs. For the two day I only put 3 fish in the boat. :oops: Hope this helps someone. God bless all. :D

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