Lake Murray 05-08-2016

Lake Murray 05-08-2016

Postby Harold » Wed May 11, 2016 8:35 pm

My friend Lee Ramsey called me Monday morning around 10:30 and wanted to know if I like to fished a couple days on Murray. Well sure! I picked out some baits, a few rods, a change of clothes and got on the road at noon. I got down at his place around 2:30pm and we was on the water at 3:30pm. We tried a point first at caught 4 largemouth on a shaky head and crank bait. We hit another point with some Cypress trees and found some herring spawning. We caught some largemouth and stripers on a swim minnow and shaky head. We caught them pretty good until it started to get dark. We took it in and Lee fixed us some hamburger steaks along with some baked potatoes in the oven. He is a great cook by the way. We decided we would go back and hit the Cypress point early. After some eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast, we were on the water at 6:30am. We got to the point and a boat was already setting on the point. Crap! We tried some more points without much luck. We fished laydowns, rip rap, and docks picking up a couple. We saw some stripers schooling out in the middle of the lake. We decided to try to get on them. The fish would only stay up for about 20 to 30 seconds then they would disappear. We finally had a large school come up near us. Lee threw a topwater on them and hooked up with about a 7 pounders. I threw a spook on them. They knocked that thing in the air about 2 feet twice but didn't get it. I helped Lee land his fish. Tuesday wound up being a tough day on Murray. We called it quits around 2pm. We went to a small store and filled the boat with gas and got a hot dog for lunch. We went back to Lee's placed and talked a while. I headed home around 4pm. We had a great time of fellowship and time on the water. It was to first time we had been able to fish together since Lee had his heart attack last November. I'm glad he is doing better now and able to get back on the water. Until next time.

Good Fishin'

Re: Lake Murray 05-08-2016

Postby Rusty » Thu May 12, 2016 7:25 am

sounds like a great time!!!!
There is NO substitute for time on the water!

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