Lake Murray 7/19-7/21 2014

Lake Murray 7/19-7/21 2014

Postby coach » Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:12 pm

I took my 15 yr old daughter. 2 of her 15 yr old friends, and my wife, striper fishing over the weekend. We got there late Sat but managed a few hours on the water. Got a better start Sun and fished 11am to 6pm. Only fished 2 hrs Mon before storms ran us off. Total we caught 36 stripers. Most avg around 8lbs with largest at 10 lbs. We caught a limit on Sun (25). The fish were caught with down lines using live blue backs that I purchased at Better Baits, just up the road from the launch area at the dam. We fished only at the towers. We were able to catch bait on sibiki rigs on Sunday at 30 feet deep. Stripers were caught from live lining on surface down to 60 feet. Water depth there is 186 feet. The kids had a blast and we made some nice memories. The friends of my daughter had never fished before. They didnt realize how hard a fish can pull !

Re: Lake Murray 7/19-7/21 2014

Postby Rusty » Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:56 am

thanks for the great report, im sure the girls had a blast
There is NO substitute for time on the water!

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