0404 through040916 Hartwell

0404 through040916 Hartwell

Postby Rusty » Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:56 am

came down to fish the Ray Scott National Championship, practiced Monday, tues and Wednesday, tournament thrus through Saturday(sunday if you made the top 25 cut). spent some part of each morning of practice trying to get a clue about the herring spawn bite but never did. spent most of the days looking for and at bedding fish that were few and far between and hard to catch. fished the backs of the creeks in the bushes and got NO love there. fished down a creek channel bank one mid morning and caught a couple on a the v-twin(including a stud, see pic). did find on point the I could could get a couple of bites on with a crig but they were spotted bass. so basically after practice I didnt have squat.

at the meeting Ron clued me in a bit more about the herring spawn bite, looking for the red clay points with the brush on them and fishing right up on the bank, not out on the ends of the points/shoals. started the tournament by going with what little success I had and went into a creek and threw the V-twin. managed to catch one keeper. finally about 930 I came out of the creek and was running down the lake, saw a point that looked like what Ron has described and it was on! first cast with the spook a fish smashed it. 2 points later a 3 1/2 chokes on the front runner(and later dies). started jumping points and shoals that I thought matched the description. Found one shoal that had a group of fish on it and my co-angler and I caught a few off of it. managed to catch 3 doubles(one on the spook and one on the front runner) on Thursday. went straight to the deal on Friday morning with NO love. 0930 went and drug a crig to catch my first fish, jumped a bunch more points and shoals, no love. started down a bank with a JAK's thru-line swimbait, ran it down the side of a dock and caught one. ran a few more points, nothing. went to some more docks and caught 2 more fish on the swimbait and ended the day with 4 fish. Saturday, once again started on the herring spawn hoping to get it going but nothing. spent 90mins changing out trolling motors UGH!!!!!! went back tot he docks and caught one. went to the crig point and caught one and my coangler caught one, back to the docks to catch another. ended the day with 4. had 29.91lbs for three days, took 32+ to get a check and I think 35 to fish sunday. Congrats to Ron and Mike Stephens on making the sunday cut.

couple of interesting learning points for me in this deal:
first time I had ever truly seen colder weather actually move fish off beds or make them MUCH harder to catch.
the wind blew HARD every day and it sucks :)
I went into the tournament with the preconceived notion it would be a bedding tournament and invested TOOOO much time in practice trying to make it work, even though I found 30+ fish on beds, I could not catch a single one in the tournament.
when the herring spawn bite is on...............ITS FUN!!!!
a stripped down heddon torpedo makes a great front runner.
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Re: 0404 through040916 Hartwell

Postby Harold » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:38 am

Good one!

Re: 0404 through040916 Hartwell

Postby Richard » Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:20 pm

Cool fish and report Rusty ! But after reading it I am worn out !

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