Nov.15th Low(high)Rock result.

Nov.15th Low(high)Rock result.

Postby Jelbass » Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:41 pm

1st place 5@21.??
2nd place 5@18.??
3rd place 5@12.96 not sure but almost 13lbs, which was Barret, my son and I only had one fish1.59. Water really low but the fish were biting pretty good for some of us. It was as cold as a well digger A??, today. But the fishing keep us warm,when they start biting. only pattern Barret and I got on was a SH around 11, after we ran CB and Arig first thing. Other top finisher said they got them on CB all day. We couldn't get a hit on them. God bless and get out and learn some new spots we did.

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