081014 high rock

081014 high rock

Postby Rusty » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:01 am

GREAT day to be on the water, cooler overcast a little misting occasionally and the fish were CHEWING! didnt catch any "BIGS" but caught probably 15, had a couple swirl on a frog and not get it, missed a couple flipping and broke 3 off; so a lot of action :)

caught all the flipping fish on the new Rusty's Baby Bug. We've been working on this bait for some time now and its finally ready for production and available to the public. Im SO happy with how it turned out and the fish EAT it!

kind of a cool deal happpened yesterday, wish i had it on video. i skipped my black frog into a big laydown and started walking it out, saw a fish roll on it but not get it on the outside edge, i twitched it a couple of times and i see the fish right behind it. i started twitching it again but looking at the fish, its head was like 5" wide and new it wasnt a bass, it was a mudfish. i contemplated taking the frog away from it since it was 15' from the boat but didnt.... stopped the bait and the fish eased up there to it so i started twitching it again but faster.....BOOM! that was what it took to trigger the mudfish to eat the frog. with about 8-10' of line between the rod tip and bait i set the hook and it was ON! fun stuff(even if it wasnt a bass)! it was like 3 1/2' long, ended up breaking the hook on my frog which is why so see the green frog in the pic.
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