high rock 091414

high rock 091414

Postby Rusty » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:03 pm

so i got home from tuckertown amd hooked up the boat and dumped it in the water, having a ramp in your yard ROCKS!!!!!!! the water has been slowly coming up for several days so........wanted to go check out some shallow docks i saw a week or 2 ago. i had to churn mud to get to them but once i got over the flat it dropped back into deep water(3' LOL). flipped all the docks(25-30) in the cut and got 3 bites, caught 2 of them and one came off a tree between 2 docks. went out and fished some main lake docks, fished them deep to shallow methodically, making multiple pitches to every likely looking place, got 3 more bites(boated one, broke one off and lost one). every bite came on Rusty's Baby Bug in black neon on poles less the 3' deep.
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