04/01-05/19 Eufaula

04/01-05/19 Eufaula

Postby Rusty » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:24 am

went down for the Ray Scott National Championship and it just didnt go well. i did my homework(found/marked over 200 brushpiles) bunches of shellbeds and found a couple holding some smaller keeper fish. even found a stretch of shoreline grass that had some fish.

first morning of the tournament i pull up to the grass line and the shad are spawning everywhere with fish feeding on them, made a couple of passes with different baits and finally caught a 4.5lber on a swim jig and then it died. ran out to a point that i had found a schooll of fish on and finished out a limit and culled a couple of times with a c-rig and swimbait but still small. finished the day with 13+lb

second day........was just not my day. started back on the grass but no shad spawn, moved to another near by patch of grass and had one fish take a frog out of sight but not there when i set the hook. another fish boiled all over the frog but never touched, back to the first stretch had another fish take the tail off my trailer of my swim jig. ran back out to the limit fish i had found but the couple i caught were short and didnt get anymore bites there. started fishing brushpiles with a spinnerbait after some encouragement from a local(who finished 5th) i had met. ran as many as i could and caught a few shorts. went to a shellbed i had found some keeper fish on and caught one, lost 2 and caught a couple of shorts before they quit. ended with one keeper and a sick feeling.

oh well, the challenges are what keep us coming back!!!
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