last week of April 2019 chick

last week of April 2019 chick

Postby Rusty » Wed May 01, 2019 12:15 pm

spent a good bit of time out there over the last week, looking and waiting for them to get out there. have seen a few here and there but no real schools of bass. yesterday afternoon i found some 16-18'fow between the 2 green cans. first cast 4+lber, then a 3+ and a 2 1/2, three casts in a row.

last week, fished the thursday evening tournament. i went back into an area that i like to frog and flip but only caught them on the pro shimmy jig and buzzbait along seawalls and docks, mid way back on the left. had 9+ in 3 fish for 4th place.

the water has gone up the last 4 days, going up will make this area better and the current will help the off shore bite.
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