081719 Chick

081719 Chick

Postby Rusty » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:01 pm

my buddy Gray came up to fish a tournament with me. we put in early and worked our way down the lake looking for fish. damn, it was bumpy! last place we looked....... Gray wanted to do a "quality check." 3 casts=3 fish over 3lbs. ok, ran to the ramp and got some bbq. 90mins later when we get back to that area.........crickets!!!!! caught 2 keepers and 2 little non-keepers. ran around after dark fishing some brush, caught a 6 on a worm and 3+ on a spinnerbait. in the last hour went up on the bank and caught a 2lber on a buzzbait that culled that other little keeper but still.................... ended with 12lbs. took 15+ to win(3 fish limit) with a 7.98lber for big fish
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