071020 nickajack

071020 nickajack

Postby Rusty » Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:38 am

Brian and i fished the cff night tournament, ran around back in a creek and backwater before dark again just exploring and looking for fish, no dice, water had dropped and it was shallow before and this time a lot of the backwater was unfishable. ran into a marina area that Brian had found on google earth, looked really good in there and caught acouple of shorts and had a couple of opportunites on what looked to be better fish around a light but it didnt work out. started hopping around working our way back up river fishing rock banks, i stuck to a jig pretty much all night and Brian alternated between a cb and a jig. covered a lot of water and they just werent eating. i finally caught a small keeper spot around 11 but in the last 30-45 mins Brian caught 2 keeper lm and another spot that culled mine(thankfully). still just a pitiful night of fishing but it sure beats sitting at home. not sure where we ended up with our tiny 5+lb bag but it was all we could do

fyi, when your lure gets hung and you pull on it to get it loose, make sure to turn your back to it. pulled a jig loose from a log, the damn thing hit me in the back and needless to say i danced around on the back deck for moment in pain and now have a nice bruise. the scary part was when i checked my jig the hook had broken and i had to go back and feel around to make sure it wasnt stuck in me. if that jig had hit me in the face or eye it could have been REALLY bad.
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Re: 071020 nickajack

Postby Richard » Tue Jul 14, 2020 6:50 pm

Yeah glad that didn’t hit you in the eye.
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