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5-7 Oct Pickwick

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:24 pm
by Rusty
went over to fish the ram open series area championship.

friday: never been there before so i literally spent 5-6 hours riding from one end of the lake to the other and into all the creeks looking around. fished a bit first thing in the morning and found out real quick they would eat the RW series V-Twin around rock, caught another fish punching a mat and one other on spook around the grass. spent a couple of hours fishing grass mats but got no love. i was staying at a campground on wilson lake.

saturday: after not being impressed with what i saw on friday on Pickwick and seeing a little(full pond, shore line grass and docks) of wilson from the shore of the campground i decided to lock through and just go fishing on saturday. started the day by almost getting thrown out of the boat and running a ground by a malfunctioning trolling motor. the dang switch wasnt working and it was ON all the time. i had to use the reostat to control it. UGH!!! made it through the lock, biggest one ive been in and got to fishing. started covering water with the V-twin, jumping seawalls and rock, passed under a bridge with fish schooling and 3 boats on them. caught first fish, an almost 5lb smallie on the V-twin on a sea wall point with like 4' of water. fished on down, jumped over to another point seawall, fished on down it and caught another smallie. sun was up and shade going away covered as much water as i could but no more love. started fishing water willow, just amazed that some of it had 6' of water on the edge. ive never seen it that deep. spent some time under the bridge trying to catch some of them but no dice. spent some time flipping docks and grass, missed one bite. spent some time waiting to get back into the lock and get back down(big barge in there). got back down into pickwick and stopped on point in the barge channel, caught 2 shorts on a cb and had to go. 2 smallies for almost 8lbs. got to the campground messed with trolling motor, decided to switch to spare only to have the spare doing the exact same damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh another day manipulating the trolling motor with the reostat.

sunday: they shortened the day and i wasnt too thrilled about what went down on wilson so i decided not to lock up and started on the stretch of rocks i started on friday. caught a couple of shorts and was just about to make a change when i caught 4lber. ran around some more and caught another on the V-twin. got on the point where i caught the 2 short fish late in the day on saturday and caught another 4lber on a 5xd. ran around some more trying to scratch out a limit. managed one more on the 5xd on the same point i had fished earlier and that was it. a hot frustrating couple of days. ended the tournament in 12th but more importantly finished 6th in the points and qualified for the Ray Scott National Championship.

inside the wilson lock:

Re: 5-7 Oct Pickwick

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:46 pm
by Richard
Sounded like fun besides the trolling motor. Crongrats on Ray Scott deal , when is that ?
Camping too ? I love freaking camping too but my wife not so much.

Have to get me a V-Twin

Re: 5-7 Oct Pickwick

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:20 am
by Rusty
thanks, the Ray Scott is on Eufaula in April. the RW Series V-twin is my confidence buzzbait for sure!