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062719 chick

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:27 pm
by Rusty
fished the thursday evening deal out of hbsp, started off in an area i havent fished in some time, just pulled up and started fishing. wasted 35-40mins before i pulled the tm and graphed it to confirm the there were NO fish there....ugh!!!! spent the next 45-1hr running and looking(did stop and throw on some fish i marked but couldnt get them to go) before finally getting to a ledge/shellbed that had some fish on it. looked to a be a bunch of em and some good ones there but i couldnt catch them. i caught 2 bass for about 8.5-9lbs, one on a big flutter spoon the other on a swimbait and a 13-15lb drum(new PB drum :( and that was it, couldnt get a 3rd fish and went on home. heard 15lbs won.