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No boat

Postby Richard » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:33 pm

Well had to sell my 15 foot Jon boat. It sold quick and for a good price but I am jonesing bad !
They were charging me $70 a month to keep it on this lot and just didn't want to pay that anymore. Yeah I could go somewhere else and possibly cheaper but to far away and I really like having my stuff at home but I don't have space. So now my other option is get something I can put in my f-150. Yeah it's gonna be small but I don't have another choice.
Not feeling a kayak although I have never tried one, just really not feeling it.
Canoe don't think so.
10 ft Jon wow that's small.
Bass Raider 10 e is possible. Pretty small.
12 ft Jon might have to.
Need something without trailer.
Probably can't take any of this on Wylie.
But at least throw it in a pond.
Ok enough crying !

Any thoughts or comments?
Thanks !!!
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Re: No boat

Postby Rusty » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:48 pm

man i hate that for you! after seeing your reports over the years i know you have the desire and passion to REALLY fish! i certainly wouldnt be inclined to go with the kayak or canoe, the bass raider sounds like the best of those options.
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