0316&17/18 wheeler

0316&17/18 wheeler

Postby Rusty » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:37 am

havent been to wheeler for years decided to stay down the lake and look for shellbeds and staging fish. pretty much spent all day friday behind the humminbird and found a bunch of really good looking stuff but only caught one fish. water temps 51 to 54 depending on where i was. found one shell bed that had a TON of bait on it, so i decided to start there. caught 3 in the first hour(2 on lipless, 1 on jerkbait) all less than 6fow and one was 4.5lb smallie :D didnt catch another bass the rest of the day. ended up with 7+lbs for the 3, pitiful! took 27lbs of smallies to win.....WOW!!!!
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