03/23&24/18 Lake Wheeler, Al

03/23&24/18 Lake Wheeler, Al

Postby Rusty » Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:48 am

started friday morning putting in at ingalls in decatur. spent the first couple of hours on the rock with a cb and caught several, including a nice 3lb smallie and a 3lb lm. went out onto decatur flats and started marking stumps adjacent to grooves/channels that had bait around. spent a couple of hours on this with no love but water temp on the flat was colder than main river. put the boat one the trailer and went down the lake. looked around at some of the stuff i fished last week and caught one on crig on a point and one on a arig going into a pocket.
saturday i didnt make the run to decatur, turns out there was a tournament going on up there and didnt want to get into that circle jerk. went back into area i fished last week and beat around shallow and deeper. coangler caught one on a cb but i couldnt get any love. moved around fishing shallow and deeper. slowed down and drug a crig around a bunch but just could not get anything going. finally caught one small smallie and my coangler caught another keeper lm and that was it for us. struggled!
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