Moss Lake 3-27-2018

Moss Lake 3-27-2018

Postby Harold » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:39 pm

I fished Moss Lake this morning. I got on the water around 8:15am. I was a little surprised to see the water temperature down to 52 degrees, but it has been cold at night. It was probably around 10:00am before I caught my first fish on a shakeyhead. Then about 5 minutes later I hooked up again with number 2. I fished some similar stuff with no love. I threw a spinnerbait a while without any interest. I went to check out some deeper water and marked some fish around 24 feet deep. I had my A-rig so I let it sink and pulled it across the fish. Cranked a few times and the rod loaded up with a nice largemouth. Threw it out again and this time a spotted bass. I threw 2 more times and got 2 more fish then things cooled off on that presentation. I switched back to the shakeyhead and caught 3 more shallow around docks. It was a fun day fishing!

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