04/26&27/18 Neely Henry AL

04/26&27/18 Neely Henry AL

Postby Rusty » Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:42 pm

went over to neel henry for the first time, practiced friday and game day on saturday. pretty cool to have so much info available on the internet about how lakes fish and its pretty much spot on.........fish the water willow!!!! there are different types of grass there the fish certainly seem to prefer the water willow. swim a jig, throw a frog or flip into it it seems to be were they live. friday i ran around a good bit looking for areas that had grass and get a feel for what the lake had to offer and where it was. friday i messed up though, i threw a frog back into a pocket near a log and small clump of grass. fish came up and porpissed on the bait, looked like a gar so i kept twitching slowly and the frog dissappears, i thought if its a gar i'll stick it and have some fun. was fun until she jumped.....4.5-5lbs UGH!! went back to her twice and i could see a fish moving around there but never could get here to bite again. spent tournament day with Dustin(who was a local and he and his Dad fish a lot of local stuff) and ran around fishing grass, fished a bunch of new water, just running and looking for what looked fishy. worked out well

i figured out that keeping the baits smaller more compact got more bites and better hook ups. everyone there does the same deal so making my bait smaller seemed to help since i landed everything that bit
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