052618 weiss, alabama

052618 weiss, alabama

Postby Rusty » Wed May 30, 2018 10:18 am

went down to look around, never been there so new lake started in the water willow and fished it off and on all day and got bit throughout the day around it with a frog and MOAB buzzbait from TrueSouth. flipped some docks but no love, spent a BUNCH of time looking at off shore kind of stuff. did mark one big ole stump, turned around and fired a big worm to it, knocked the stump with the weight and someone answered the knock leaned back on it, it was BIG! i had time to think; "this is Alabama, it could be a giant bass" but no such luck just a 40+lb flathead

took 22+ to win a tournament that was going on this day
There is NO substitute for time on the water!

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