weiss, al 8,9 & 10Jun2018

weiss, al 8,9 & 10Jun2018

Postby Rusty » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:27 am

went down friday with the intent of spending 2 days practicing for the ram open series tournament on sunday. friday was great til close dark. caught some fish early on various topwater, caught a couple on a cb deeper, then spent the rest of the day just looking at a bunch(the place is littered with roadbeds) of off shore stuff. it was getting close to dark and had a couple other areas i wanted to check but my lower unit had different ideas. so..on the trolling motor, made it about a mile before she quit. so put the talons down and started making phone calls and flashing my lights at the boats that went by but no dice. so i got out the push pole and push poled for a bout a mile until i hit the deeper water. talon downed again and again flashed my lights at the folks at the marina docks and the couple of boats i saw but no dice. slept for a bit and called the marina in the morning and they were nice enough to come across the channel and drag me in. Jerry had a spare at his place "that has a rattle" so i drove straight to his place, we slapped it on, i went to the house and swapped trolling motors, thermostat and brakes on the tow vehicle. put the boat in at chick to test everything, it all works, it rattles but it works. so off i go back down to weiss....

made one run about 3/4 of mile at blast off and fished my way back in the tournament. had 3 bites all day that i know of. one little keeper fish early on topwater that jumped off at the boat because i was being stupid and 2 other flipping docks with a worm. spent the last several hours out on the point in front of the marina. everyone around me catching fish but not me. pretty frustrating day.
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