070118 chick

070118 chick

Postby Rusty » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:06 pm

fished the deal out of cfp and really struggled. started on the edge of a grass flat, caught one on a buzz and then one more keeper and several shorts on topwater as they were coming up schooling, those quit and i went shallow to see if that was the deal. caught another keeper on a frog but went back out deep. fished several more places and looked at some others, finally caught a decent fish(3.75lbs) on a spoon. went and pitched around some shallow cover with a worm but got nothing. went back out deep trying to catch a big one but no love, with 5 mins to go i pulled up to pitch some shallow cover, pitched a bait out, took a knee to piss before going to the dock.....you guessed it, stood up and felt the fish, set the hook and the line cut like it was across or over something. i waited a moment to see if the fish would come up to try and shake it but nope. ended up with 3 for 7+lbs....smh took 11+ to win.
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