070518 chick

070518 chick

Postby Rusty » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:01 pm

fished the thursday evening deal out of hbsp with Charlie. the deep fish have eluded me lately so we agreed to go shallow for the first hour or so. was nice to only take 3 rods out of the box; a frog rod, a flipping stick and a buzzbait rod. Charlie threw the frog so i started chucking the RW Series V-twin from True South around. caught 6-8 on the V-twin and another on the frog. Charlie had a good one eat a frog but it came off. ran out to some deeper stuff right about crankbait thirty but only got a couple of little ones. ended up with 3 for 8.85lbs and one place out of the money. oh well
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