chick, thanksgiving week/weekend

chick, thanksgiving week/weekend

Postby Rusty » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:11 am

fished a bit over the holiday week/weekend, no consistency to anything ive found

weds afternoon, worked around some grass(lower lake) where some fish had been, no love punching but did catch 3 good fish and lost another on a lipless cb

thanksgiving morning, caught a a couple early on a cb shallow(mid lake). tried the lipless cb around some grass but couldnt get any love. noticed a bunch of gulls working on a point. eased over there and caught a couple lm, some hybrids and what looked like a young striper on the V-8 from TrueSouth Custom Lures. went and had dinner but left the boat tied to the dock with intentions of taking Collin out after eating. He and I got out and beat around a bit but no success, was working my back towards a point in a creek where some fish had been schooling the last 2yrs around this time of year but stopped on one other place first. well the boy decided to go for a swim(aka fell out of the boat) and pretty much ended the fishing trip. funny thing was he cried from the shock of 50 degree water but once i snatched him back into the boat and he saw his fishing pole was still in the lake he was all about recovering his fishing pole, then he said he was cold.. i had an extra layer of clothing inthe boat for him and put it on over his wet clothes to insulate him some and headed to the ramp. on the way we passed the point i was headed to and of course the fish were schooling like crazy! ugh!

went back out sunday afternoon for a couple of hours, went back to where i caught the fish on the lipless cb on weds but all that was caught was gizzard shad and a drum that must have been 10lbs or so. made a move to a big flat pocket thats had plenty of bait and some fish in it but couldnt get anything going in there before callin it an evening.
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Re: chick, thanksgiving week/weekend

Postby Richard » Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:33 pm

Happy belated Thanksgiving ! Shut the front door, you finally got to do some fishing ! Hey at least you caught some and glad your boy is ok !
I actually hit a pond today for a minute with a white swimbait and blck and blue swim jig with no luck !
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