120218 chick

120218 chick

Postby Rusty » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:30 pm

well the day started out interestingly, took the gambler and started fishing some rock early(no love from the fish), as it got time to get Charlie, i jump down and fire up the Opti. out fo habit i flip on the bilge pumps on and both pumps shot SOLID streams of water out of the back of the boat.....uh oh!!!! get back there and look, yep plenty of water in the boat, not good! i could actually see water coming in around the hose of one of the livewell pumps. apparently i cracked the housing on that pump while installing the 3rd trolling motor battery for the 36v trolling motor i put on the boat....UGH! bilge pumps did their job, put it on the trailer and went back to the house to get the skeeter. i was determined to go fishing DANG IT!

after moving some stuff over into the skeeter i met Charlie at the ramp and we went looking for some fish. started off in a pocket that has had a bunch of bait and some fish in there, caught one about 14" pretty quick on a lipless cb and then NOTHING!!!!!!!! spent a significant amt out time on there trying different baits and just could not get them to go. moved around some trying different areas(mostly shallow) looked at some deeper stuff but really diddnt see much out there. found a bunch of gulls working on a long point and worked around in that area for a bit with a V-8 from TrueSouth Custom Lures and caught several hybrids and one drum. worked our way to the pocket where we started, still bait and fish working around in there but couldnt get anything going. dropped Charlie off and went looking at some different stuff, ended up catching a decent keeper lm and nice flathead on a cb. the flathead bite was AWESOME!! thought i had a BIG; wound that cb into a stump and the fish knocked slack in the line, tightened up on it and it was heavy! hmmmmmmm but when it didnt come up i knew something was wrong, oh well managed to extract my cb from its tonsils & pretty much called it a day.

im pretty ocd about bilge pumps for good reason, check yours periodically, it could save you a swim and a lot of $$$$$$

lots of water and casts, 2 lm...........tough on me!
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Re: 120218 chick

Postby Richard » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:16 am

Its always something. I dont have a boat but this reminds me of my house, i fix one thing and then something else stops working !
Thanks for your report Rusty, gonna throw a jig and swimbait tomorrow and see what happens.
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